Friday, March 13, 2009

Behance FAIL.. :-/

So guys there was a confusion regarding the Behance invite situation and I wanted to clear it up.
It was totally my fault for not reading the fine print, but anyways...

When somebody joins the Behance network, he/ she gets 17 invites that they can use to invite other people.
As you started to become interested, I started to invite away... in a few occasions i invited more than one person at a time (kinda how you type in more than one email divided by a coma when sending out forwards...not that any of you send out forwards, of course...)

well...turns out that inviting more than one person at a time isn't allowed and i caused a strange glitch in the website, in which one of the invitees gets in the network fine and the other one has login problems/ isn't allowed in.
I am really sorry if I caused any terrible inconveniences of any nature and i am totally willing to re-invite you as many times as you need to get back in...please don't hesitate to message me in case you have any problems ( i think most people should be set by now though)

fyi, Its OK if you invite more than one person the same day...the problem arises when you use one invitation for more than one email.

Also, if you are already in the Behance network you can feel free to invite other mica 08 people as well....

Hope everything works out!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Everybody jump on the Behance Bandwagon!....don't forget the POLL ------------------------------------------------------------------>>>

Ok people!!
For those of you who haven't heard about the acclaimed creative network Behance:

A superbly designed website, full with creative professionals,
beautiful galleries and posted jobs. JOBS, people.
So you need to be invited to get into the network (or request an invitation directly) , so if you're interested message me and i'll send you an invitation.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Having fun with Brad Pitt

Any and everytime you are bored at home, pick up a magazine and do this.
This was Rolling Stone's December/Jan Cover

quick update

Ok, it must be obvious to all by now that I am a terrible blogger.
I will try to be better.

Meanwhile, here's my first assignment here in Houston.
This cover was done for the guys at Free Press Houston, a local, alt paper founded
by artists and writers in the area. The Bmore City Paper could learn a lot from them (especially in the nice department).
Anyways, here it is (actual art is in my blog):

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kutiman Remixes You Tube

Thru You:
This guy took videos from U tube and mixed them into completely new music.

My personal faves are Just a Lady, Wait for Me and Babylon Band.
(the actual iraqi babylon not the jamaican bah-bah-lawn)