Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Pursuit of Glee

I am a little ashamed that no new drawings or zines have been made, but I've finally created a website for the zine I had been working on. I do plan on continuing the project.
First, I need to sell some (as in.. dozens of) zine packs, stickers, and buttons. If I do sell some zines, then I'll continue with working on the 2nd issue. Otherwise, I'll just keep drawing and wait on making the next issue.

I'd like to ask you guys to spread the word for me. It'd also be pretty cool if you bought a zine pack. The pack comes with a zine (color of your choice), a mystery button, and some stickers. You can buy one straight from the site. Payments will be taken care of through It doesn't seem like you have to be a paypal-er to be able to make a purchase.

The Pursuit of Glee

Christmas is near!! Happy Holidays to everyone :)

p.s. The links page is no where near complete. So, if you've contributed and do not see a link to your site, it's nothing personal! They will be up soon...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays!

My flight leaves tomorrow and that inspired me to do a quick holiday greeting for everyone! Also, if anyone is going to be in the Baltimore area in early January and would be interested in a dinner-time (ish?) trip to Brewers send me or Judith an email and perhaps we can all work out the best date / time for everyone. I hope everyone has safe travels!

Oh, and here is another competition reminder!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3 x 3 Magazine - Deadline March 14th

This may seem like a little early for a heads-up, but for a piece to qualify for 3x3's next competition all artwork has to have been created during 2008 (which is going by oh so fast at this point!) Single entries are $30 and series are $35 (both five dollars less if you are a member).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Circles

Hello all!

So there have been some talks going around about a small class reunion for new year's eve or around that time, and I just wanted to get a feeling of who will/can be around Baltimore around that time! I know there is a good amount of you who are still in the Baltimore/ DC Area and we wanted to know how you felt about having a get together. I will be flying up to Maryland for a couple of weeks to spend time with my family and it'd be great if I could get to see some of you!

On those lines, there is a NEW poll, in an effort to get a feeling of what are people's plans for the holidays.

Also, some great news:

As most of you know, I 've been struggling to find freelance work down here (as most of us are). Thankfully, A few days ago I was able to make contact with the editors from Free Press Houston, a small, artsy alternative newspaper produced by young designers in the area. They really like my work and there's a good possibility I will be making work for them in the near future. I am very excited about this and I feel like this will be the opportunity I was needing to get my work out there. Hence, the happy circles...
(i just realized this works great as a pattern...hmmm)

Hope every one is doing well, and let us know if you're able and willing to get together!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My First Published Book!

It was like Christmas for me, today. My previous client and author of the book, Tad Troilo, sent me a hardcover copy of our first book! I did 10 black & white, Quentin Blake-esque illustrations for the children's novel. My name was mistakenly left out of the title page and spine. I was pissed, but it'll be way too expensive to make the changes. We will not have this problem, next time. I'll make sure of it.

Tad also made it better by telling me that he's pushing the softcover copies rather than the hardcover copies. The softcover's cheaper, anyway :)

Still, it's nice to look at the always aesthetically appealing spine of a hardcover book:

Here's the cover (I had nothing to do with it... Tad had to wrestle with Xlibris because they kept screwing with the cover and making my name too small or sticking it in weird places; I swear they do these things on purpose to rip their clients off):

If any of you are interested (the holidays are near, after all~), then you can purchase a copy (go for the softcover ;) at:
Rosie Fights the Twisted Wind by Tad Troilo & Jennifer "Bagel" Han

A bit of warning.. the samples they provide on the site are shown at an awful resolution. We don't know why they did that, either. I'll be putting up some samples of my own when I get the time. I'll keep you updated!

Also, the book will be sold on Once the link is up, I'll post about it!

Stay clear of the flu!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

M | I | C / A Art Market

There is a good chance that everyone received a friendly reminder email about this event, but just in case here is the flyer that was sent out! I'd also like to give a mini shout-out to Kelly Lasserre, who did the hand-lettering for this year. Happy Holiday shopping everyone!

Friday, December 5, 2008

C64 Porn

Of course there was porn for the Commodore 64...
Don't ask me how I found this because I really can't remember. I wish I could...

Here's another goodie:
I'm not that articulate, so you'll just have to go there and find out what it is. To start you off, it's one of those sign up, create portfolio, and make connections kind of thing. Reminded me of, but much more artist specific. Though you guys might be interested! I've signed up and have been receiving descent newsletters, but I haven't fully taken advantage of it yet.

it's a small world

I thought I would take this chance to reveal the new direction my work is taking. I have been developing this portfolio secretly since beginning of Senior thesis. Viola!

Ok, ok, I digress. An Australian illustrator by the name of Eamon Donnelly (goes by Eamo) just contacted me. Here's a brief transcript of the conversation:
Eamo: "Hey, mate. My name's Eamon and I'm an illustrator. Your name's Eamonn and you're an illustrator. Crazy!"

Me: "Whoa." (suffers identity crisis)

I won't bore you with the details, but his work is super colorful, energetic, and inspiring. Check him out!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally Done!

Ok, so here's a quick jpeg of one of the sides of my new biz card design. the other side will have my website and my "logo". I was trying to go for an explosion of color, not a color riot. Hopefully, this is an explosion. In a good way.

On another note, more people have been added to our blog list (thanks to Jess who has been very helpful doing some blog research). Pleas let me know if your blog is still not up.

Also! There is a new poll out people! Regrets!
Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.