Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally Done!

Ok, so here's a quick jpeg of one of the sides of my new biz card design. the other side will have my website and my "logo". I was trying to go for an explosion of color, not a color riot. Hopefully, this is an explosion. In a good way.

On another note, more people have been added to our blog list (thanks to Jess who has been very helpful doing some blog research). Pleas let me know if your blog is still not up.

Also! There is a new poll out people! Regrets!
Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.


Jennifer "Bagel" Han said...


i want one more color. not sure which, but a vibrant one that'll also pop from all the green. maybe?


Judith Uzcategui said...

ok! thanks for the suggestion dear!