Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sketch Memories

Hello Everyone!

So I am back from Baltimore after spending a great time with family and friends.
And while at home, I found my old thesis sketchbook. Here are some images:


Jessie Guo

Rebecca Bradley


Adrien Travis

Nick Djanji

Kelly Lassarre

Andrea again (just random, not part of the thesis sketchbook)

This is also random. I drew ashley kimbro and Jessie Guo on a long crit. Those are song lyrics coming out of Ashley's mouth.
These next ones are just me messing around.

An these are some drawings friends did for me on my birthday (2007). I took the liberty of coloring them.

Jess drew the flower and I filled up the page with leaves.

Simone Thornton and Nick Djanji

Alessa and Ryan Artell

Andrea and David

Jimmy and Gerard

And these are from Junior year, Concepts, with Rebeca Bradley.
These are by Jess Neil.

Hope everyone is doing great, and feel free to upload your own sketch memories.
It's great to be home!


Gerard Armengol said...

hahaha!So great! (I can't remember when i made that one). Too much natiboh!

Judith Uzcategui said...

aww Gerard! How have you been?
I'm planning to go to Spain this year!! maybe i can see you guys?

Gerard Armengol said...


Judith Uzcategui said...

hahaha SIII!!!
Ahh como los extrano...
perdonenme q no me comunico, im not very good at that...