Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AI 28!

(This is a piece that Jingyao did that got in called the Sunbathers. I had never seen it, but I love it!)

Most of you probably know already, but the American Illustration 28 gallery is up and everything looks fantastic.

American Illustration

Web Show!

Congrats again to those of you who got into the printed and online shows!
I'm so proud of everyone, and you get the added bonus of making me kick myself in the ass for not submitting anything.


Judith Uzcategui said...

Yes Megan I'm kicking myself in the ass too. :S.

yAY, Jingyao!!!

Jess Neil said...

I love that piece from Jingyao!

Also, thought I would post the link to all the work that was specifically featured on the web!

congrats to everyone that has work up!

Megan Russell said...

Ah, good idea Jess! I should've done that too. I'll add it to the original.

Jingyao Guo said...

You guys are so great. i love how you call my name with an exclamation point. love it :)