Friday, November 14, 2008

Pattern +

I have been updating this personal site for a few weeks and thought I would share my progress!

Hmm...I guess for those reading that are unfamiliar with this, pattern +
is an interactive project I started back in April. Everything was put on hold over the summer, but I promised to give the site a makeover and start up the designs again once fall rolled around. The idea behind the site is that I hand-generate a pattern based on submitted responses to a series of short questions. There is no set system, which I like. Basically, I read the answers and sketch out a pattern swatch as quickly as I can. The bulk content of the site is just a gallery of all the completed designs with their coordinating responses. Eventually I am hoping to take the designs to a different medium (be it a book, or products with the designs on them, posters, etc...)

So, check it out again or for the first time and feel free to take part if you like!


Judith Uzcategui said...

these are just delicious, but you already know that!

Jennifer "Bagel" Han said...

i've been wondering about that!
glad you're still keeping it up :)

Jess Neil said...

oh thanks!

And bagel your is here...its VERY pepsi-y?