Friday, August 22, 2008

1) What have you been doing post graduation (art-wise or life wise) and what are your plans for the next few months?

Post graduation I worked at on the hill for a month then had to dip out on them and lie about being forced to leave and go home when I knew I couldve only worked for a month haha. But I wanted to hang with everyone for a little before I left. Then I worked at Fridays for another month and had to yet again two days before I was leaving dip on them saying I got a teaching job when I really knew I was going to school this year. I am now about to start at Florida State University to get my Art Education degree so I can teach eventually. Not doin much with my illustration degree but I am gonna keep taking art classes here. I am actually in an Experimental Printmaking class this semester so that should be exciting. Ummmm Tallahassee is way too creepy for me. I went to "Booty Night" last night haha. It seems everything about Tally is related to getting fucked up and grinding on girls. I am sure you can all relate.I am living with both of my sisters which is interesting. This school is also about 400 times larger than MICA which is really scary and I have been lost for about 8 hours in it since i have been here.

2) Where have you moved to? Are you happy/excited/frustrated/dissappointed in your new location? Is there something about this new place you wanna advertise or warn us about?

Welll you neeeed a car in Tally. There is a really awesome section called Railroad Junction where there are about 30 old warehouses painted rediclous colors that artists use as studios and they open them all up for shows the first friday of the month. I havent gotten to go to the opening yet. There is every form of fast food ever invited there. Even a Sonic for all those pissed at Sonic commercials where there is none. They just opened a Tijuana Flats here for those who are addicted. We have a hurricane going on here right now so it kind of sucks. I have gotten Japanther to come down here in October if anyone is interested in staying with me. The traffic here is horrible. Everyone wears college sweatshirts and soffees and one of my teachers told me I have to wear bussiness atire to class. pretty scary.

3) Tell us something about you that has changed since we last met.

I am watching Clueless right now. The only movie other than Coyote Ugly that I have to watch if it is on. Oh and there are only 4 art ed students at my school. One had three fingers on each hand. And there are only 30 art grad students all together and only one is a guy so MICA seems like heaven right now

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