Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eamonn here:

1.) Megan and I have been working two internships: illustrators at Carus Publishing (spots, covers) and designers at Kerosene Creative Services (web banners, wallpapers etc. for movies like The Women and Ridley Scott's Body of Lies). If anyone near Chicago is looking for a design internship, there is a spot available at Kerosene. They're both great opportunities but they really soak up all my time, making freelance stuff difficult to get off the ground. Hopefully I'll be able to start working on some paintings soon.

2.) I live Rogers Park, a neighborhood about 10 miles north of the Loop (downtown Chicago). Its a fantastic city, and I'm really happy with our apartment. Public transportation is also very cool and the best way to get around the town (and our only way at the moment). We are surrounded by small, diverse ethnic areas so good food is all around us. If anyone feels like visiting, you are totally welcome to crash at our place.

3.) I've been working on some music but I'll share it when its done.

4.) I am liking very bright, saturated oranges right now, but I enjoy sketching with a blue pencil. You can see an example here.

5.) I tuck in my shirt and wear nice socks and shoes. I see hundreds of people doing the same thing on the ride to work and it makes me feel old. The though of being done with school is starting to...descend upon me.


Jude Uzcategui said...

ahh...the inevitability of adulthood hunts us all....

Meglette said...

Orange. Like me!