Thursday, August 21, 2008

hey, it's kelly...

1. after graduation, once the fog cleared, i started a really quick search for any job, nothing specific or fancy. which is exactly what i got..i worked for seven days as a server on the spirit of baltimore (in the inner harbor, lunch and dinner cruises) and it was the worst experience of my life. (oh yeah, i went to icon as well and it was crazy.)
i had written to literally 2 design places and sent out 4 postcards in the meantime. one of the design firms got back to me the next day and reminded me that i had met him at showcase (did not know this..). within a week or so he hired me for a temporary position/internship everyday 9-5. (at rutka weadock design) iv'e been here for two months doing loads of drawings and hand lettering. we're making books and travel pieces and posters for schools that will have my drawings and type on them. so its been pretty good to me. i can sort of use the computer now! design world is weird, not sure how i ended up here. but its ending in a week, and i am happy because it was pain to get here every morning. and i need to re-consider my ability to be on the 9-5 workforce.
so im going on vacation for a couple of weeks and then getting back to the search. i'm doing some freelance work on the side, kind of, and babysitting and what not, so hopefully i can find something soon so i wont panic. dont know what i want yet, i need some time to think. ill keep you updated..

2. i moved to charles village (harwood) very spontaneously. me and my boyfriend moved in with nick djandji and david meinrath in a whole rowhouse on 28th street (between guilford and barclay). i am loving it so far. we have lots of space and everything is renovated and we have a front porch, which is all i really needed. we just sit outside all nite. along with lots of other people on their porches, hanging out, drinking and playing cards. the neighborhood is really different from what im used to in mt.vernon, but its awesome, its...less mica. its all rowhouses with all the porches connected. its a little more east baltimore, a little less charles street. now we do things on greenmount, when before we thought we would just be killed there. but its actually great. but i guess its not for everyone. depends on what youre interested in. anyway, there is a lot to do nearby and lots of places to eat that we never knew existed. so far, so good.

3. well yes there is, but i dont have time right now to change the types of files to link them, so maybe later? or on my blog or something, one day.
its been pretty sad though, i haven't done anything for myself. i have no excuse. other than that i draw all day and i dont want to at nite? i will make something for myself eventually. no pressure.

4. um, i think about all colors all the time. i dont know the answer to this one.

5. not sure about this one either. my hair is longer. i wear earrings sometimes! i use the computer more. i drive to work in my boyfriends car and i cant parallel park. i have to go to bed earlier. i live with 3 boys. i have a garden, thats not doing too well. i have a fish thats not doing too well. and i have house plants that arent doing too well. but i am good.


Jude Uzcategui said...

your writing style gossipy.
i love it.

kelly lasserre said...

gossipy?! i dont understand, and im sort of insulted.

Jude Uzcategui said...

kelly! no!!
i mean...casual...intimate..amusing.
i like it!

don't be insulted! you know i <3 you.

Meglette said...

Dog, dog, dog, dog! Time for the puppy!

ashley kimbro said...


I've seen your houseplant dilemma. You will think I am crazy but give your plants beer every once and a while. It works, trust me.