Thursday, August 21, 2008

hey guys, it's shaina.

1.)What have you been doing post-graduation (art-wise or life-wise) and what are your plans for the next few months?

I've been working in Harbor East at Baltimore Magazine since the end of May as the ad designer & production assistant. I have my own business cards for the company & parking space in the garage..HA That's going pretty well..and I've been doing a bit of freelance for this barbershop on Calvert street. I feel like a grown up..?

2.)Where have you moved to (be specific: ex."hampden") ? Are you happy/excited/frustrated/ disappointed by your new location? Is there something about this new place you wanna advertise, or warn us about? (Ex. great Tex-Mex food, bad public transportation)

I moved to Locust Point, that's about a mile south of Federal Hill, it's a lot cheaper and not as busy. It's a two story town house and my roommate is a grad student at MICA. We have a little backyard/cement area fenced in.. and our own washer and dryer! niceness

3.)Is there something you have created since you graduated you would like to share? (it doesn't have to be an illustration)

basically I do a lot of sketches when i'm at work and it's slow.. but besides that for now, if you look in Bmag you will find ads that I've designed!

4.)Which specific color have you been using/thinking about the most lately?


5.) Tell us something about you that has changed since we last met.

Nothing really has changed. Um..I got a new ipod.

*** Oh! I have an update! I am going to be the editorial design assistant starting this upcoming month!!


Meglette said...

Did you get kitties yet?

Anonymous said...

NOT YET! jen has a cat and she said that nadia doesnt get along with anyone.. so i have to settle for a hamster for now! it's cute though! it has light brown/red hair w/ red eyes