Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey yo, Jimmy here

1.)What have you been doing post-graduation (art-wise or life-wise) and what are your plans for the next few months?

So far I've been spending my time delivering Chinese food for the same place I worked at during school and drawing gay tickle porn for a website. For anyone who thinks the last part is a joke, it's not, haha. I'm trying to find work with horror publications primarily, but not exclusively. I recently went to a horror convention with some cards to hand out to vendors and maybe try and find some work. I totally didn't do that, instead I just blew a bunch of money on horror crap, haha.

2.)Where have you moved to (be specific: ex."hampden") ? Are you happy/excited/frustrated/ disappointed by your new location? Is there something about this new place you wanna advertise, or warn us about? (Ex. great Tex-Mex food, bad public transportation)

Me and Andrea got an apartment in Hampden on 38th and Roland. I really like the area that we live in, but our landlord is a flake, and our house is in need of some fixing up. When we moved in, the landlord completely forgot to fix the place up after the last tenants left, so we were greeted by unpainted walls, no mirror in our bathroom, and a warped and cracked kitchen floor. Things have since gotten better. The area's really nice though.

3.)Is there something you have created since you graduated you would like to share? (it doesn't have to be an illustration)

I have tons of gay porn drawings that I'd love to share with everyone, but I'm not allowed to post them anywhere on the internet other than the site. I know everyone's very disappointed.

4.)Which specific color have you been using/thinking about the most lately?

Blue-greens I guess.

5.)Tell us something about you that has changed since we last met.

I listen to even more metal than before.

*UPDATE* I bought a cool new t-shirt.


Meglette said...

I really can't wait until the periodical of your gay tickle porn comes out.

Jude Uzcategui said...

i never got to see the gay porn!!1 whyyy

Rebecca said...

The Barewolves of London.
Pure Genius.