Monday, September 22, 2008

Bagel: Spot Updated

Well... I don't get out much at all and I just spend the majority of my time at my desk/studio which is really the dining room... So.. yeah... yay. I wish I had a more interesting spot to take a picture of. At least this has a dog in it? Roseanne, all nine seasons of Roseanne. Can't live without my Roseanne, sorry.

Note to Jeremy: Hahahahaha... yeah.. my dad made me put the "I Can Do It" up there :) Only thing is that I don't ever see it.... I'm too short.

This is prettier (cold night sky, my favorite):


Jeremy Enecio said...

hahahah i love the "i can do it"
this corner looks like its has positive energy surrounding it :)

Jude Uzcategui said...

i have to agree with Jeremy.
you can DO IT!