Monday, September 22, 2008

Some new artists (to me at least)

Thought I'd share a few links to some artists I've recently found out about. Maybe you guys will get some inspo from it. Please excuse me if you seen these before. These are artists I did not know about while at mica, or maybe I did but i didn't know it.

Ken Garduno - beautiful

Derek Albeck - kinda reminds me of Adrien's stuff

Julienne Hsu - I have a feeling most of you already know this one.

Tessar Lo - this guy's finished illustrations look like very polished sketchbook pages (in a good way)

Anthony Zollo - fascinating person. this guy doesn't have a site, only myspace. I occupied his old room this summer at Ringling. His process videos are fantastic! PS that's Rob Gibbs playing the piano, second video down, i think some of you know him.

Kenichi Hoshine - you guys prolly know this one too

Thomas Herpich - neat stuff

Peter Herpich - neat shit

Eric Fortune - very interesting process

Hope you guys found these interesting. I will make a post to the favorite spot thing soon. I just found an awesome apartment right next to Minato. So most likely that'll be my favortie spot. I'm signing the lease this Saturday!



Jude Uzcategui said...

yay!!!! you found a place! see? i told you!!congrats. take the time you need to settle in and make your apartment look very Jeremy and then show us! i can't wait to see.

Jennifer "Bagel" Han said...

I'm digging Julienne Hsu's work
Love the dog!

Congrats on the new place :)
can't wait to see some pictures either