Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hey y'all!

It's Kali. It's been nice to read up on what everyone has been doing around here and feel like I'm not the only one dealing with things. :) I think I've gotten a little less optimistic about how I can make a living as an illustrator, but hearing that everyone has struggles of their own is encouraging me to keep working through mine.

1.)What have you been doing post-graduation (art-wise or life-wise) and what are your plans for the next few months?

Welllll....since June I've been interning at Big Huge Games doing concept art for 4 days a week, and although I hate the 9-5 lifestyle and have to work overtime certain weeks, it's at least a check I can count on. Because I feel so tired coming home after work, I started out slow after graduation as far as freelancing goes, and I have yet to send any postcards.
However, I've decided to try to get myself to send out 10 emails/postcards every weekend (with varying degrees of success), and I've actually gotten a few jobs with various magazines. The most recent was with Girls Life Magazine, and the most random was with GO! magazine, the inflight magazine of AirTran airlines, haha. I was also contacted about the Popgun anthology, which should be interesting, and a roller derby gallery show in Minnesota. I would really love to freelance all the time, although the whole client-search thing is frustrating, but I guess I just gotta keep trying to power through!

2.)Where have you moved to (be specific: ex."hampden") ? Are you happy/excited/frustrated/ disappointed by your new location? Is there something about this new place you wanna advertise, or warn us about? (Ex. great Tex-Mex food, bad public transportation)

I live on Saint Paul Street in Mount Vernon now, and I'd say it's a nice change from Bolton Hill. Sam and I live across the street from each other, and I'm basically sticking around Baltimore until he graduates. What happens then is still up in the air! (I still miss sweet-home Chicago, though...)

3.)Is there something you have created since you graduated you would like to share? (it doesn't have to be an illustration)

I learned to make Oyako-don! It's a japanese dish where you cook chicken and onions in a soy sauce/sugar/rice wine broth. You then mix some eggs and pour it over the chicken and onions so it cooks in the sauce (but not too hard like scrambled eggs) and then you ladle it all over rice and it's absolutely delicious. Yummmm....:)

4.)Which specific color have you been using/thinking about the most lately?

Blue-greens/teals and peaches. I've always likeed muted blue shades and vibrant reds together, but this is a nice twist on it. :)

5.)Tell us something about you that has changed since we last met.

I'm going to join UMBC gym this week. I was never much of an exerciser before, but sitting in a chair in an office all day makes me antsy! Also, I bought a pair of high waisted teal skinny jeans this weekend. (yikes!)

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Jude Uzcategui said...

nice to hear from you, i'm glad you joined!