Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello everyone! It's been great to hear about what people have been up to. I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my favorite spot in Megan and I's apartment, the kitchen.
I really did not think this spot would become my favorite, but since moving in, it has really turned me onto cooking like never before. Going to this from what I had in Baltimore has allowed me to do many new, exciting things! New appliances: oven/stove, microwave, two sinks, dishwasher, wine glass rack, a bigger fridge, plenty of cabinet space/ counter space, and even spice racks built into the drawer by the oven. There's even more counter space in a nearby corner, with a wall fixture to hang pots/pans.
You are all welcome to come over for dinner.

Below is a picture of our studio. It gets great light, and has a closet to the left (not pictured, where there is room for an easel or another small desk), but as you can see, its a little barren. Megan and I have concentrated on the rest of the apartment while leaving the studio neglected. We plan on putting up everyone's postcards as soon as we can.

To see what I've been working on for my internship, check out my blog. I would appreciate any feedback or critique on sketches or finished works. More pictures to come!



Jude Uzcategui said...

we have exactly that same counter surface at home!! only that my kitchen is TINY sans double sink, wine glass rack and spice racks..(i shake my fist at you!)but i do have a huge frigde and a brand new oven!! i've been baking things left and right!

so glad to hear from you, i hope to see more pics from you guys soon!
(love your wok, btw..)

Zachariah Bauer said...

that kitchen looks awesome to cook in! way to go on landing a sweet pad. along with a sweet internship.

Jennifer "Bagel" Han said...


kelly said...

nice! moving up in the world...
whats in the wok?! i have to know