Monday, September 22, 2008

Your favorite spot

So we came up with this fun idea.

Take a picture of your favorite place in your current apartment. This could mean the cutest or grimmiest or best illuminated or simply the place in your apartment that you enjoy the most. It could be the view from your window, your backyard, your bathroom tiles, your stylish wallpaper, your favorite poster wall or a shot of your new
kitty/puppy/plant. Pick your favorite spot. Take a picture. Tell us all about it.

We have a good variety of cities people have moved to this year,
so we should have an interesting array of pictures and stories. Let us have it!
Everybody is encouraged to participate!! Show us your new/current place!
Posting will end September 31st, so that gives you some time to cutetify your place if you want to!

Post, post, post!

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