Friday, September 12, 2008

Dearest Ike

Well, guys as some of you may already know, I live in Houston.
As in Houston, Texas. As in getting hit by hurricane Ike in a couple of hours.
So I'm using the last bits of whats left of my electricity to update everyone.
Yes, we're fine. We weren't called to evacuate, because we live very close to downtown and the goverment ordered us to stay put and let people that live on the coast get out into Dallas (which will prolly get hit too, eventually) and elsewhere.
Some people frantically left, and some refused to leave their beach houses.
Honestly, the hurricane is pretty huge (takes 40% of the Gulf of Mexico) , but it is only a Category 2, so we aren't that worried(i guess). We've been through worse hurricanes before (back in Puerto Rico) and usually the worst part is waiting to get back our water and electricity after the storm.
So for now we're just bumming around eating potato chips and waiting for the winds to start pounding our glass windows (yep, we totally taped them down, lol)

Oh, and we got us some miner flashlights and they're absolutely adorable.


Welcome! said...

aah! judith! Take care! my folks in Ohio got hit by the storm actually and they've been without power for days.

Welcome! said...

uh, ok, i'm not "welcome!", i'm andrea...weird.

Welcome! said...

why does it keep doing that??!

Jess Neil said...

hey andrea! I have been meaning to tell you that! But I wasn't sure if you were 'welcome' on purpose or something...

ANYWAYS! It is that way because you changed your main page to say welcome at the top which I suppose according to basic blogger formatting is supposed to always be the user's name...lame I know

And my parents got hit by the storm in Ohio too, they lost pieces of their roof! Thankfully they are fine and it's great to hear that judith is too!

Jude Uzcategui said...

we are totally fine! we even had electricity through most of the hurricane, though. i can't say that for most people in houston yet.